i finally figured out what to do with bluephi.net

i’ve had this domain for almost 3 years now and didn’t do very much with it. i had offered it to different organizers for Sigma events to help them promote. but with my recent appointment, i’ve got a more pressing need.

the Sigma national website is ready for its closeup. it’s undergone quite a facelift from its former self, but after i’m through with it, it’ll be the premier networking tool for Sigma’s worldwide.

so i’m gonna use this site to guide you through the site’s transformation process and any other happenings in the technology program for Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. come along for the ride.

i’ll be looking for various net savvy people to test drive different social networking platforms out there to see if they’d be useful for the organization. i see many folks on Y! or MSN Groups, but we want to start playing with other things like Y! 360, Flickr, Upcoming.org (hey aren’t those all Yahoo! products), LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. (there you happy?). if you’re interested, please shoot me an email.

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  1. Surfing by and read these comments and wanted to note that this site is more than simply giving info on the updates to the national sites progress. It can be used to inform the brothers about issues conerning the frat both good and bad. It could be used as apart of the accountability piece so many brothers desire. We need to market this site at regional confrences.

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