a little Sigma history

brother k. christian shared this photo earlier this month, but i’m just now getting around to posting it. in case you’re wondering:

Alpha Sigma Chapter circa 1946-47, from the Collection of Bro. Francis L. Hall.

L-R Standing, Bro. JLS Holloman, Founder A. Langston Taylor, Bro. George A. Parker (National President 1944-47), other two standing, not identified yet.

L-R Sitting, Bro. Joseph Bryant, Bro. Joseph Battle, Bro. Herbert Pair, Center not identified yet, Bro. Jesse W. Lewis (1st member of the DSC and National President 1935-36, he signed Bro. Hall’s Membership Certificate), Bro. Dr. Charles Wade, and Bro. Francis L. Hall (author –Sigma Light)