1924 Conclave Program

All that I can say on this one is THANK YOU TO OUR SIGMA ANCESTORS and to OUR GOOD BROTHER TODD LEBON for this one!

This is the oldest original Conclave Program that I have acquired and it was actually by divine intervention. I have a copy of the 1920 Conclave Program that was sent to me by Bro. Kevin Bembridge (Alpha Chapter). I will send that at a later date.

Today in Sigma History will resume on Monday, August 6, 2007. Have a safe trip to Conclave and we will talk upon your return.

This program goes with the 1924 Picture that I sent you on July 25, 2007 and it documents the birth of our National Bigger and Better Business Program. Look at the chapters and officers in 1924 (10 years).

*See any interesting changes!* Where are my SIGMA HISTORIANS!