Happy Birthday Founder Morse

When asked to submit a post on Bluephi.net and participate in the founder’s day series I was overjoyed and honored to have the opportunity to post historical information about the fraternity, more so our beloved founders. Since my initiation I have been a fan of the site, many days discussing the post with chapter brother Chuck Ross. After about a half hour of deep thought on which founder to highlight and research I choose the life of Founder Leonard F. Morse. Through previous post I was able to learn that Founder Morse had two living sons that were members of the fraternity and a grandson. Surprisingly I was able to contact Brother Ward Morse (grandson) and he pointed me in the right direction of his father Decatur Morse (son) whom he said would love to help with the post. Before contacting brother Decatur Morse I felt as if I was about to sky dive being filled with anticipation and excitement of what he may say, and being honored to speak with one of the direct descendants of The Most Honorable Leonard F. Morse.  Again, to my surprise a 73 year old brother answered the phone with joy and energy as if he crossed the burning sand the night before when I told him that I was a Sigma, a collegiate, and I wanted to know more information about one of the founding fathers of sigma which he simply called “Daddy”. Brother Morse and I talked on two separate occasions for over an half an hour about the fraternity, what it was and how great it has become. Below is a letter to the brotherhood provided by Decatur Morse giving details about the life of his father and founder of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Leonard F. Morse.

Bro. Decatur Morse, Sr. Letter