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i threw this out a while ago on thecause1914, but didn’t get much response. i really feel this is a service the folks running should offer and with Yahoo!’s recent announcement to close their free Geocities hosting service by October, i know quite a few of you may be looking to relocate your chapter sites elsewhere. so here’s the deal, i’ll host your chapter site free of charge. all i ask of you is a link back to i’ll give you your own subdomain: we’ll have to talk specifics about who’s got access and how much you’ll be able to update on your own. if you’re interested, hit me up.

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  1. This sounds like a great opportunity that my chapter would love to take advantage of. Please tell me of any details you would like to discuss and what exactly do we have to do on our end to make this work. Thanks again for putting this post up and I hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Please share with me the details as my chapter is in sore need of updating our site and would look forward to taking advantage of this opportunity. Thanks for the hook-up!!!

  3. i’d setn each of you an email with the details, but have not heard back from you. if you’re still interested, please reply.

  4. The Brothers of Nu Psi Sigma just kicked off and are looking to get a site going. We are definitely interested, so send me some information. Thanks

  5. This is Leon Magic Moody, Sigma Chapter Alumni, now Tau Sigma CHapter member. I had a site through Office Live and was woring out pretty good until, someone bought the Domain Name. So the Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma at Miles College in Birmingham, Alabama really need a Site Great things are going on. What do I do?

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