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I am Ashanti Branch, Fall ’93-Omicron Pi Chapter – Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo.

I am the founder and Executive Director of Ever Forward-Siempre Adelante which created The Ever Forward Club 7 years ago.

I am coming to you for your support. I asked for your support at founders weekend, So I am providing this venue for you to provide support for my non-profit organization, which is in a great place for a breakthrough in 2011.

Our Mission – to create communities of students who are setting and achieving their personal goals inside and outside the classroom.

Our Vision – to support over 1000 student by the year 2015.

Our Purpose – to change the way that students view their education by providing them with a support system that holds them to high expectations so that, they learn to look for solutions to challenges in their lives rather than just giving up.

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