299th & 300th Registrant at the 1964 (50th Anniversary Conclave)

From the Collection of Bro. Francis L. Hall (Co-Author, The Sigma Light)

This picture here has a great deal of history, we have some Alpha Sigma (DC) and Kappa Beta Sigma (NY) history here!

We have the author of the Sigma Light, Bro. Hall, two prominent DSC Members, Hon. Bro. Dr. Gil Francis and Hon. Bro. Sydney Moshette, Jr.

Okay, more history, the 1964 (50th Anniversary) Conclave was held at the Statler-Hilton Hotel now the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC at 1001 16th Street NW, Washington, District of Columbia, USA 20036. Not to far from the White House! If any of you are on the Conclave Committee for the 100th Anniversary, HINT!

My esteemed Brothers of Alpha and Gamma Lambda (University of the District of Columbia – UDC) chapter, who were the host for the 1964 50TH anniversary Conclave. Sigma History all over this small card.

So as you continue to build your Sigma history collections, know that our history is so prominent and as you can see from this document the

299th Conclave 1964 registrant was Hon. Bro. Sydney Moshette, Jr – Kappay Beta Sigma,
and the
300th Conclave 1964 registrant was Bro. Edward J. Robeson – Kappa Beta Sigma

Today in Sigma History – 1964 50TH Anniversary Conclave

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