Alpha Kappa Chapter (1948)

1948 Alpha Kappa Chapter, Tillotson College, Austin, Texas

In looking at the listing on this picture, it clearly says “Alpha Kappa Sigma Chapter, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity”. Humm, the Alpha Kappa Sigma Chapter is in Petersburg, VA. So we reached out to one of our Texas Historians and was given this response on the history:

The two colleges were originally Samuel Huston 1876 and Tillotson College 1877. The two colleges merged and became Huston-Tillotson College in 1952. When you see Alpha Kappa Sigma Chapter, that is how they wrote it. The Sigma Chapter is Alpha Kappa. Which was chartered for Tillotson College. And is now gone. Theta Chapter is the Collegiate Chapter of the school. The Alumni Chapter for Austin is Psi Beta Sigma Chapter.

And there you have it, Today in Sigma History, in1948 the Alpha Kappa Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

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