Trennor Thomas Beckwith

Brother Trennor Thomas Beckwith: one of the first 14 initiates. Alpha Chapter. Many years ago, I searched on the internet for our Brother – Trennor T. Beckwith. i didn’t find really anything until I guessed that his middle name might be Thomas. When I searched that I came up with an interesting story from a local military veterens organization out of Steelton, PA. I contacted the head of the organization, Mrs. Barbara Barksdale, who informed me that Mr. Beckwith was a distinguished member of their small community and although they knew pretty much everything he did in life for “some reason” they had no idea where he was during the years of 1913-1917. I remember distinctly being at a gas station on a cell phone call with her saying, “I know where he was, and what he was doing.” From there, we completed the the life story of Trennor Thomas Beckwith and the rest is history. Every year, the Friends of Midland Organization have a memorial Day Dedication event for the Veterens in the community. Several years ago, the Brothers of the Theta Omicron Sigma Chapter out of Harrisburg, PA attended the event and with the help of Mrs. Barbara Barksdale dedicated the entire event to Bro. Beckwith. Learn more.