Dr. John E.T. Camper (1980)

From the Journal of the National Medical Association, Vol 72, No 3, comes this article on Bro. Dr. John E.T. Camper titled A Doctor’s Legacy: Dr. John E.T. Camper and the Medeso.

We have had for leaders men who have become discouraged by the long fight for the full status for the Negro people, men whose vision has dimmed, men who say we can’t win and therefore let’s do the bidding of our oppressors and in that way salvage something for ourselves – “peace in our time” men. But the generations of black Americans, with their knowledge of their black brothers in Nigeria, with their knowledge of his struggle in Panama, with their knowledge of the struggles of the oppressed peoples all over the world, will not have it so. They recognize that struggle is but a part of that great struggle for freedom for millions of human beings and will not let them down. They will not accept peace in our time, but will bring for the new leadership. That leadership must come from the masses, who are constantly feeling the lash of segregation and discrimination, whose toiled broken bodies are not too weary to fight for the most sacred thing on earth — freedom.

John E.T. Camper, MD
On the Struggle for Equality, 1948

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