Fraternity hosts homeless benefit

From Arkansas State University’s The Herald:

Fraternity hosts homeless benefit
By Ashley Helliwell

Partnering with the Jonesboro Salvation Army, the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity held its 14th Annual Sleep Out for the Homeless and Hungry Project Thursday night.

Each year the fraternity has held this event in order to raise awareness about the issue of worldwide homelessness.

To raise awareness for this cause, the men of PBS placed boxes in residence halls and other places around the community.

These boxes were labeled specifically for canned goods, blankets, hygiene kits and clothing to aid the Salvation Army in their fight against homelessness.

This year the fraternity set up a table in the Student Union so other campus organizations could help donate as well as individual students.

However, the PBS brothers did not stop at that. For one night, the fraternity gave up the privilege of sleeping in their own beds and camped outside to raise awareness for homelessness, which helped them empathize with those who have no choice but to sleep outside every night.

The Salvation Army depends solely on donations like this from PBS and the community as a whole to make what they do possible. Homelessness is much more rampant than most people realize.

“The amazing thing is that in a community this size, we stay about 90 percent full, even during the summer which is the slackest time for emergency shelters,” said Salvation Army representative Eugene Gesner.

“Donations this year have been great, and it is good to know that you can take these donations of food, clothing and money and be able to give them to those who are less fortunate,” said Jerry Love, a senior PBS member and finance major of Marion.

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Students spend time in cardboard boxes to raise awareness of homelessness

From The Johnstonian:

Students spend time in cardboard boxes to raise awareness of homelessness
By Kaitlyn Schallhorn

Winthrop students camped out in cardboard boxes, courtesy of Lowe’s, Friday night to raise awareness for the homeless.

Phi Beta Sigma fraternity hosted the event, which took place on the campus green in front of the DiGiorgio Student Center.

“The focus is on societal issues, local community issues and bringing about awareness of the homeless in local communities,” said Kerry Poston, senior business administration major.

Camping out for the homeless is an annual event for Phi Beta Sigma, and this was the second year that Poston participated at Winthrop. Poston is a transfer student from College of Charleston, where he also participated in awareness events.

“I think it’s a great program that some people overlook,” Poston said. “It’s good to remind people in the school and the community that it is a problem, and prevalent in Rock Hill.”

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Sleepout for the Homeless

From The Creightonian:

Sleepout for the Homeless
Posted by Josie Bungert on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 ·

The men of Phi Beta Sigma at the Sleepout for the Homeless. Photo courtesy of Seth Quartey President of the Alpha Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.

On Sept. 28, students gathered off campus for Sleepout for the Homeless, which helped in the collection of non-perishable food as well as monetary donations.

Held at PetCo on 72nd and Dodge, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity hosted the event which included students from Creighton, UNO and Peru State College.

“Its always a joy to have an opportunity to serve the Omaha community and this event created such opportunity for me to do so,” said Seth Quartey, president of the undergraduate chapter of Phi Beta Sigma, Alpha Alpha Delta. “It gives us men of Phi Beta Sigma a chance to bond even more as a group for a good cause.”

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Fraternity makes donation to Grand Bahama Children’s Home

From The Freeport News:

FN Senior Reporter

Members of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity’s New Providence alumni chapter visited Grand Bahama this weekend where they performed community service at the Children’s Home and met with local members of the fraternity who are working to establish a chapter.

The Pi Beta Sigma is an international fraternity based in Washington D.C.

On Saturday morning, the seven men from the capital joined their Grand Bahama brothers at the Home to make a donation of school supplies and uniforms.

Also present were members of the Zeta Phi Beta sorority.

President of the Delta Epsilon Sigma Chapter Gerrard Sawyer explained that the organization has had a relationship with the Children’s Home in the past and were looking to rekindle it.

“A few years ago, we started coming down about twice a year and we fell off for a while.

“We decided this year we were really going to get started again. What we do is we come down to play with the kids and bring some school supplies.

“This year we brought some school uniforms as well,” he said.

Sawyer pointed out that the Phi Beta Sigma organization is built on brotherhood, scholarship and service and its motto is “Culture for Service and Service for Humanity.”

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Helping kids with school preparation


By Kim Schupp

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – Gearing up for a new school year can be tough, so the brothers of Phi Beta Sigma offered their words of wisdom and helped students to become better leaders.

Their goal is to help out the youth in their community.

“We’re teaching different workshops on creative writing, dealing with etiquette, career preparation, bullying, cyber bullying. We’re dealing with leadership and teaching the kids something that can benefit them within the school year,” club advisor Jeremy Hodge said.

Members of the organization said they also plan to do follow-ups with the students during the school year.

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