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Alpha Kappa Chapter (1948)

1948 Alpha Kappa Chapter, Tillotson College, Austin, Texas

In looking at the listing on this picture, it clearly says “Alpha Kappa Sigma Chapter, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity”. Humm, the Alpha Kappa Sigma Chapter is in Petersburg, VA. So we reached out to one of our Texas Historians and was given this response on the history:

The two colleges were originally Samuel Huston 1876 and Tillotson College 1877. The two colleges merged and became Huston-Tillotson College in 1952. When you see Alpha Kappa Sigma Chapter, that is how they wrote it. The Sigma Chapter is Alpha Kappa. Which was chartered for Tillotson College. And is now gone. Theta Chapter is the Collegiate Chapter of the school. The Alumni Chapter for Austin is Psi Beta Sigma Chapter.

And there you have it, Today in Sigma History, in1948 the Alpha Kappa Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

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299th & 300th Registrant at the 1964 (50th Anniversary Conclave)

From the Collection of Bro. Francis L. Hall (Co-Author, The Sigma Light)

This picture here has a great deal of history, we have some Alpha Sigma (DC) and Kappa Beta Sigma (NY) history here!

We have the author of the Sigma Light, Bro. Hall, two prominent DSC Members, Hon. Bro. Dr. Gil Francis and Hon. Bro. Sydney Moshette, Jr.

Okay, more history, the 1964 (50th Anniversary) Conclave was held at the Statler-Hilton Hotel now the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC at 1001 16th Street NW, Washington, District of Columbia, USA 20036. Not to far from the White House! If any of you are on the Conclave Committee for the 100th Anniversary, HINT!

My esteemed Brothers of Alpha and Gamma Lambda (University of the District of Columbia – UDC) chapter, who were the host for the 1964 50TH anniversary Conclave. Sigma History all over this small card.

So as you continue to build your Sigma history collections, know that our history is so prominent and as you can see from this document the

299th Conclave 1964 registrant was Hon. Bro. Sydney Moshette, Jr – Kappay Beta Sigma,
and the
300th Conclave 1964 registrant was Bro. Edward J. Robeson – Kappa Beta Sigma

Today in Sigma History – 1964 50TH Anniversary Conclave

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Alpha Sigma Chapter History

Today in Sigma History, Founders Day 2012. Brothers, I have been asked by numerous brothers to re-start The Today in Sigma History piece that I started a few years ago with the help of numerous brothers and especially my good Brother out west, Phil Eugenio.

Here is one of those rare ones for your collection! This is from the collection of the late, great Bro. Francis L. Hall. He taught me the name of every brother in this picture and then some, but old age has set in and I have forgotten a few. But I am going to give it my all. This was the Alpha Sigma Chapter Founders Day Celebration circa 1950-51 (Washington, DC)

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Founder Morse’s Great Grandson

Today, I spoke with Bro. Decatur Morse and he is doing well. We talked Sigma Shop for a few minutes, and everything is cool on that front…..but then he shared with me that he has busy following his GRANDSON this year. His grandson is Keith Marshall from Millbrook Highschool in Raleigh, NC. Keith committed to the University of Georgia this year (Bulldogs), set all kinds of High School rushing records, featured in ESPN’s High School Magazine (on the cover) and maintains a 4.2 OVERALL GPA. Student Athelete and holding down a 4.2 overall GPA.

So, when you hear the name Keith Marshall, Georgia Bulldogs next year, or if you see him playing in the 2012 Under Armour All-America Games, January 5th, St. Petersburg, FL (it will be on ESPN and ESPNU) just say to yourself –

That is my Founder’s Great Grandson……

Today in Sigma History

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Founder’s Day 2003

This was a blast from my past. Me, my LB Sam and the co-author of the SIGMA LIGHT, Bro. Francis L. Hall. You know what’s so interesting about this picture, Bro. Hall left me the sweatsuit that he is wearing, I have it in my history collection. I will be presenting at the Bahamas State Meeting this weekend and one of the Bahama Brothers sent this to me.

Founder’s Day 2003 – Carroll Manor Nursing Home, Washington, DC

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