Dr. Bro. Kevin Rome Speaks at Young Scholars Program Event

Last night, Dr. Bro. Kevin Rome (Chi chapter) was the keynote speaker at the Young Scholars Program event in Richmond, CA. Bro. Rome was the chapter advisor for Omicron Pi chapter at Cal Poly SLO when I pledged. (Note: Coincidentally, Omicron Pi celebrated its 30th anniversary earlier this week).  For ten years, the program has tutored, mentored and provided cultural enrichment and scholarship assistance to help students get into college — black colleges including Texas Southern and Fisk University, and Ivy League schools such as Cornell and Yale. In attendance were Brothers from Omicron Pi, Chi and Alpha Nu Sigma chapters. Bro. Rome will be in DC for the Centennial activities next month.

From L to R: Alex Soto, Drew Tuomey, Phil Eugenio, Kevin Rome, James Weaver, Wayne Kitchen, Ray Muhammad

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A Wise Dad Instructs All Son’s

Today’s post comes to us from Bro. Andre’ L McGuire:

In Words of Wisdom for My Son By Brother Author George Stewart II we find that there is a solution. In a world where men are being marginalized or made out to be monsters of various ilk’s. Many do not believe that a solution exists. Those that believe there is a solution believe that the solution is purely about empowering women. The problem with that line of thinking is that the women are not the problem. The problem has been how society has determined that a man should be. A man is to be a go getter lacking feelings or only allowed to display emotions such as anger or other negative emotions.

The solution is in those men of color who having lived this life with its pitfalls bringing to light the myths of manhood in such a way as to build up and not tear down. It is such a blessing to see that men of color are recognizing the need to instruct our young men on how to be a man. The instruction is not of the worldly misguided notions. This instruction is based upon the ideals of Godly manhood. That is a man who is loving and emotion filled who is responsible for his family. This man is willing to cherish, protect and provide for while empowering the women in his life.

I tire of hearing people talk of all of the negative aspects of manhood without putting forth any solution. In Words of Wisdom for My Son Brother Author George Stewart II has offered a solution. This is a must purchase for any man mentoring young men or young man looking to see how he ought to conduct himself as a man.

If we expect to change the way a society views women we must train our sons to understand Gods role for them. It is in know who we are in God that we will learn how to treat with love all of Gods creations.

Come by BluePhiPublications.com and follow the links to pick up a copy of George’s book and browse the other books that are on sight. Let us support those brothers and sisters that are authors displaying the literary genius of the members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

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Robert Vernon Bonds (1941-2014)

Robert Bonds
Brother Robert Vernon Bonds Jr. passed onto the Omega chapter this past Tuesday morning. He was the older brother of former MLB standout Bobby Bonds and 1964 Olympic hurdler Rosie Bonds-Kreidle as well as uncle to Barry Bonds. While his brother enjoyed much success in the MLB, Bro. Bonds was no slouch himself. He was a terrific multi-sport athlete at Riverside Poly and in 1960 he became the first athlete in the history of the CIF state track meet to go under 14 seconds in the 120-yard high hurdles. He also was a CIF state meet champion in 1960 in the 180-yard low hurdles. He later played football at San Jose State, was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 1965 and played professionally in Canada. However to the Brothers of my undergrad chapter, Omicron Pi, he was much more.

As the first advisor when the chapter was originally chartered in 1984, Bro. Bonds was instrumental in not only getting the Sigma established on Cal Poly’s campus, but actively involved in recruiting as well. He formed such a special relationship with many of the early Brothers that he’s usually one of the first calls when returning to visit. He helped many adjust from city life to the culturally barren suburb of San Luis Obispo. He helped financially by employing Brothers from the chapter at his restaurant – Bonds BBQ. Although the chapter has gone inactive since the late 90s, we still make our way to California’s Central Coast to annually celebrate Founders’ Day – and Brother Bonds is usually in attendance. A greeting like “How are you doing Bro. Bonds?” will almost always elicit a “Blessed!” response and he will undoubtedly tell you he loves you when it’s time to say goodbye. Rest in Peace Brother Bonds.

Robert Bonds, multi-sport stand out in family of athletes

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More on Richard H. Hogg (1919-2014)

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Bro. Richard Henry Hogg’s home going service in San Francisco, CA. As you can see below, Phi Beta Sigma was well represented as we performed the Omega Service for Bro. Hogg. I was able to meet Bro. Hogg’s son, Bro. Granville Hogg (Front row, 4th from the right below). Western Regional Director Jeffrey Sneed made the trip up and presented the Hogg family with a proclamation, which will also hang at IHQ. Along with Bro. Hogg’s obituary, the proclamation detailed a number of great facts:

  • Bro. Hogg was initiated via Rho chapter at Southern University
  • He was not only the oldest Sigma in the San Francisco Bay Area as I noted previously, but the oldest active Sigma in the entire Western Region
  • He took his position as Western Regional Direction quite seriously and was instrumental in assisting many Sigmas as they arrived in San Francisco
  • To honor him, annually at the Founders Day Program, the Sigmas give out in Richard’s name an award to the outstanding Sigma of the Year
  • Throughout his lifetime, Richard was a member of several organizations: Lion’s Club, Morehouse Parish Society, Black Business Association, United States Veterans, and the Spiders’ Civic and Social Club while also supporting his wife’s involvement in Delta Sigma Theta
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    Richard Henry Hogg

    Founders Day Luncheon 2012

    It is with great sadness that I communicate that Brother Richard Henry Hogg has passed away. He was the oldest living Sigma in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’d been trying to setup a meeting with the man for a few years now, but his ongoing health issues prevented us. Bro. Kevin Christian recently sent me a copy of the 1978 San Francisco Conclave program. I didn’t realize Bro. Hogg was the Conclave Coordinator that year. His greetings are pictured below.

    Brothers Bill Riley and Thomas Broome passed on the following:

    The Memorial Service for our distinguished Brother, the Late Honorable Richard Henry Hogg will be held on Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 1:00pm at The Missionary Temple, 1455 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA., 94115. All attending Brothers are requested to be present by 12:00 noon so that we can prepare for the Omega Ceremony which the family has requested us to perform. Please wear a Dark suit (Blue preferred).

    A strong showing is desired to show our respect to the passing of Brother Hogg who truly exemplified the purposes and goals of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. through his service over the years. Brother Hogg was Initiated in Rho Chapter, Bastrop, Louisiana, but made his way to California where he was initially in Alpha Nu Sigma Chapter and later was a Charter Member of Gamma Phi Sigma Chapter Chartered in San Francisco, CA. He has been a dues paying member of Alpha Nu Sigma Chapter for the past years after Gamma Phi Sigma became inactive.

    Brother Hogg served two terms as Western Region Director, 1955-1957 and 1973-1976 wherein he was host Regional Director for the only Conclave ever held in Northern California. Though in poor health for the past several years, Brother Hogg signed the Centennial Scroll during a visit to his home several years ago. Our Sigma of the Year is named in honor of Brother Hogg, truly a giant in West Coast Sigmadom.

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