Founders Day

1949 or 1950

From the Collection of Bro. Francis L. Hall (Co-Author “The Sigma Light”)

Bro. Dr. Charles Wade, FOUNDER A. LANGSTON TAYLOR, Bro. Alphonso M. Stanley (HE OWNS THE GUILD PARAPHERNALIA SHOP ACROSS FROM HOWARD UNIV., SIGMA OWNED AND OPERATED, I last visited with him Thanksgiving of last year, I know I need to get up there to see him, he has owned it since 1949), Bro. George Parker (Nat. Pres 1944-1947), Linwood Brown (Past National Executive Secretary), Judge Hubert Pair2nd Row
Bro. Rev. JLS Holloman, Bro. James A. Squire (the Squires Club was name after him), Bro. J. Edgar Smith (he wrote “The Sigma Light” with Bro. Hall.)

3rd Row
Attorney Lindsey Caine, unidentified, Bro. Dr. Alphonso J. Harris, Bro. Francis L. Hall

4th Row
unidentified, Bro. Joseph Battle (under the light bulb)

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