Happy Birthday to Founder A. Langston Taylor

Here is a picture of Founder Taylor’s gravesite before the headstone was in place.†† This was circa 1956/1957.

Brothers from L to R – As best as I can….brother in Brown Trench unidentified, Bro. Benjamin Early (1914 initiate), Hon. Bro. Jesse Lewis (1st member of the DSC), Bro. Francis L. Hall (Co-Author of the Sigma Light), Col. Bro. Robert L. Pollard (Alpha Chapter 1919), Hon. Bro.† Mordecai “Mutt” Walker (DSC #42) – holding the wreath, Bro. James Squires (named the Squires Club after him), the other three brothers I cannot identify.

Bro. Hon. Mordecia “Mutt” Walker

In addition, its an announcement from the Washington Afro, June 1st, 1957, announcing Leonard F. Morse, Jr.’s initiation into Alpha Sigma Chapter.

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