Founderís Day 2006

it seems like bro. todd le bon’s email inspired quite a dialogue. i wanted to make the thread available to you so i separated it out on it’s own set of pages…enjoy and keep checking back for any more responses i may add
bro juan reyes replied jan 10 10:27am pst

bro greville french replied jan 10 8:25pm pst

bro kevin christian replied jan 11 7:08am pst

bro todd le bon replied jan 11 7:54am pst

bro rick ficks replied jan 11 8:38am pst

bro gerald smith replied jan 11 9:56am pst

bro greville french replied a 2nd time jan 11 3:18pm pst

bro ej davis replied jan 11 7:22pm pst

bro prince sherwood replied jan 12 11:34am pst

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