bro greville’s 2nd reply

Dear Bro. Christian,

I noticed that you directed your e-mail response to me but you forwarded it to everybody on the list so I will respond in kind.

You have the right to accept or decline any position offered to you in Phi Beta Sigma, but you can’t complain about being “shut-out” as brothers often do.

I wasn’t complaining about the time spent away from my family or the duties associated with the position of Regional, but I was merely illustrating that this isn’t about ego.

I am a caretaker of the position of Regional Director for a period of two years and I plan to seek the position for another two years. Afterwards, I will relinquish the position to the next brother that is elected by the brothers. Any brother can run the position of Regional Director or any other regional office at the Regional Conference. I can’t prevent any brother from seeking the position.

I have spoken with him in the past especially when I was falsely accused, and I shared my viewpoints which was contrary to his. I didn’t take it personally but I was offended to receive such a negative message on Founder’s Day. I received many positive and uplifting messages during the day, and I do have to right to voice my disagreement, and remember he chose the venue.

30+ brothers don’t need to charter a chapter but instead join an existing chapter and do the work of the fraternity. We can still achieve growth, and these brothers can have an impact upon a chapter. All to often, we’re more concerned about starting our “own thing” instead of making what we have work for us.

There isn’t a problem in Phi Beta Sigma that the members of Phi Beta Sigma can’t solve. You want a better newsletter then you should contribute towards making a better newsletter. Did you call Bro. Hutt and volunteer to assist him.? We need to spend more time pulling each other up than tearing each other down.

Sigma has a big tent and everybody is able to make a contribution, but we need work together instead of working against each other.

I may not know the name of the oldest Sigma, but I will be celebrating Founder’s Day on the campus of Old Westbury. I charterd Lambda Phi in 1979, and by doing so I provided brothers with an opportunity to join our wonderous band. Everybody contributes to Sigma in their own way.

Respecfully yours,

Greville French

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