reply by bro ej davis

Founder’s Day or Ground Hog’s Day,
The truth is the truth everyday.† If you believe something needs adjustment and you want to express it then you should.† The world doesn’t stop because it is Founder’s Day.† If at least one of my brothers is not pleased, I should care why and respect his feelings.† If one of my brother’s is elated on Founder’s Day, I should join in his celebration.† But if he is down, I should listen (not speak).

Rituals and tradition left this organization many many years ago, so there is no sacredness to January 9th.† Over half of the events that do take place occur everyday but January 9th.

The truth is, everyone has an idea and most of them are wrong.† No one wants to listen and discern.† And no one wants to work.† Of course, there are exceptions to each previous statement so please don’t correct me.† I’d rather you get the point.

Look in the mirror and be honest.† Pick out the good things that you see in the mirror and make them better.† Pick out the bad things (look real hard, they’re there) and remove them.† If you can’t find the bad things let others help you find and remove the bad and grow the good.† Understand that while you may have a plan, there are others just as good, better, and worse that may accomplish the essentials.† If we don’t dialogue and argue, and fight, and have true brotherly love, then nothing will change for the better and those that are against us will have won.

U gotta be able to look your Momma in the eye and say “Ma, you are all messed up, I love you and I want to help you.† But you are all messed up”

The truth is the truth everyday!† Live with it.

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