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Bro. French:

I read your response with great interest, because I got responses from brothers nationally who agree with Bro. Lebon’s feelings.

However, I would like for you to call him to the carpet.† Let him be Regional Director for 2006, so that you can have time with your family, save yourself money, stop going to the post office, make sense to me…. Tell him put up or shut up…

I was recently offered the postion of International Historian with the fraternity, I respectfully declined, for those very same reasons.

I wonder how the Region would respond if you did that?† Put it to the body, I wonder what type of reaction you would get?

Bro. French, as we speak, I am planning a pilgrimage to Delta Chapter, I am determined to find Founder Charles I. Brown.† For the past few years, a group of brothers nationally, have all gotten together, just to network with each other, come and join us this year, I think you will see that our heart is in it just like yours.

As a leader, why would you call his words “ill conceived”?† Why didnt you just respectfully disagree, and ask him to contact you to discuss his email.† This gives the appearance that you took this personally?† Call him up and tell him, you want to change the fraternity, then you be Regional Director, better yet, instead of fighting him, join him, invite him to “job shadow” you for a weekend, let him see what the Regional Director does? Dont get defensive.

I have over 30+ brothers right now in my area, who have asked me to Charter a new chapter.† We met for dinner.† Man, I thought about it.† Some of these men are prominent in their community, but I told them this is not the solution, but they wont join any of the local chapters, because they dont like images, politics, etc…And my reason for not chartering, because instead of being embraced as growth, it will be label rebellious, negative, etc.† You know the drill. And all 30 plus came to a dinner we had. And they contacted me, because they want change, they were told that I was the man in this area to make it happen! Yeah me, the trouble maker, rebel rouser!

In addition, guess what, the past international treasurer, he is right here in the Eastern Region, you knew that right? We tried to hook up for dinner but our schedules havent allowed that. No, I didnt wear my bullet proof, he is frat….

The next time you come to DC, please give me a call.† I want to take you to visit Bro. Francis L. Hall, author of the Sigma Light, who on his 90th birthday, not one member of the general or national board sent the man a card.† And we can kill two birds with one stone, both Bro. Grafton Daniel who joined Sigma at age 90 in 2001 and Bro. Mervin O. Parker who joined Sigma in 1932 live in the Charter House in Silver Spring, but my leadership doesnt know that.† Call any national or regional leader now and ask them who is the oldest living Sigma?† Better yet ask them to name the first ten and last ten national presidents? See what type of response you get.

And did you see the recent edition of the Our Cause Newsletter, if that is the best that our region can do, then its time for new leadership!

We all know that Bro. Lebon could run the region, he is a comsumate professional,† so throw the ball back in his court, tell him put up or shut up, and then explain to the region why you are doing it…I am sure if he got nominated from the floor, you might be surprized at the votes that he gets, we dont vote in public anymore, its secret ballots, why? Arent we suppose to be brothers!!!!!

Bro. French for the past five years, I have lead a pilgrimage to the home of Bro. Decatur Morse. We go every year in this area to his home in Northern Virginia.† The last time I was there, he said to me, “Brother, Sigma today, is not my father’s dream”.† I wonder what he meant, I didnt ask him, but I shook my head, shead a tear, because I knew how profound his statement was.

Do you know what he meant?

Respectfully yours,

Bro. Christian


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