reply by bro prince sherwood

Whats up Greville,
This is Prince, formally of Kappa Beta Sigma, now in Tampa.† I think you would appreciate the question I have for you, being a member of Phi Beta Sigma for as long as you have.
Would you support the Fraternity funding the position of National Historian?† I think the work that Brothers like Bro. Christian and Bro. Mallet, (as he is known to Sigmas), deserves proper recognition and open support considering the basement of of our National office is stacked with boxes of documents and materials that has been neglected for years and in a current state of decay.
These brothers have stepped up on their own to preserve our history and identify notable brothers WHO SHOULD BE RECOGNIZED on our National website, such as those Original Tuskeegee Airmen who were/are Sigma’s.
PS:† I appreciate you taking the time to respond to brother’s concerns and hope you will mark a turning period in the Eastern Region that will cascade across the country.
As one of the brothers who was personally responsible for founding practically all of the chapters in New York……probably including Epsilon Sigma (damm you old), I would think the state of Sigma should affect you more than it does younger brothers.
Bro. Prince Sherwood

Mu Delta Sigma.

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