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I am brother that not many know well, and I keep it that way for a reason. Although I am low-key, I do make it a point to pay my dues on all levels and stay on top of all PBS business, especially that of the Eastern Region. I read
Bro. Todd’s e-mail, which I thought was very well crafted and then I saw yours. I am normally not one to get into discussion over e-mail, but it appears you have open the door, so I am now choosing to storm right through it.

Dissing Todd for being honest and expressing his views via e-mail was extremely disappointing, given your position as RD. In fact in was also a little hypocritical considering, you turned around and did the same thing you criticized him for, a bit childish, don’t you think.  Furthermore, you seem to conduct a lot of Sigma issues over e-mail, so why can’t another brother due the same thing?; after all he would just be following your example. Besides your desire to make a private conversation public, your attacks at Todd were completely unfair. All the brother was doing was expressing his feelings. In fact he never mentioned anyone’s name but yet you took it personal, it’s funny how the truth hurts!!! In any case Todd felt compelled to speak his peace, and at the end of the day, isn’t this truly why we all respect & admire Brother Todd in the first place? Because he’s real!, a quality that many brothers lack.

Quoting your exact words: “Yes, I am an ‘elected officer’ of this fraternity, and I chose the position of Regional Director as my venue to serve Phi Beta Sigma”. With that said I dare you throw in our faces ,  how much you travel, how you spend, how long you stand in the post office, how many celebrations you attend, and how much time you spend away from your family. Like you stated you choose your position, so deal with it. When people don’t like their job they quit, if you don’t like yours then I suggest you do the same. You knew how much work/energy it took to be an RD when you ran for office, so don’t complain about it now. Be a man and suck it up, come on now it shouldn’t be hard you were once online or were you? Oh and I love these words of yours: “I guess my ego is boosted when I have to speak with a parent whose son was injured while pledging”. All I have to say on this quote is think about some pictures that could have surface during Rob Allen’s’ case. THINK!!!!!!!!!! Todd was so right when he said most, especially those with the real problem, would view his comments as negative. And guess what you just proved him right.

Also there is no need to talk in code we all know you were referring to the HONORABLE Brother Will Powell, when you stated “a candidate who claims that he was working in the ‘trenches’ for Sigma”. Don’t hate because Will was a better RD and will hopefully be reelected in April. At least this brother attempts to hold brotherhood events, when is the last time you have done this and please don’t say the Leadership retreat because well all know that was a complete disaster before it even took place. I’ll admit the retreat was a good idea, but it lack one key element: LEADERSHIP. Better yet here’s another question when was the last you took the time to address the needs of undergrads???

It’s my understanding that you “attended state meetings were you witnessed brothers speak passionately about PBS”, let us not forget that at those same state meetings many brothers grilled you. In fact didn’t you almost change the location of a state meeting at the last minute, after the respective chapter had already worked hard on planning the meeting? Correct me if I am wrong, but I seem to recall a certain e-mail from you that when out to that respective chapter. Furthermore, you wanted to add the category ungrateful Sigma, well I another category: “incompetent/naive Sigma”, this is someone who thinks they have run a great region.

Todd was right when he said Sigma and our region is in poor state right now and French if you think other wise, then that is truly sad. It has been proven time and time again that our region’s board cannot even trust each other. The 1st step to recovery/rebuilding to any problem, is admitting that you have one, if this is not done then there is no may our region or Sigma can grow positively and this my brother is all Todd was stating. Again it’s funny how the truth hurts!!!

In closing, one of the hardest things about being a Sigma or a part of any organization is not to take things personally. For me and other brothers Sigma is more that just hobby. We take our commitment to Sigma very seriously and we expect the people we elect to do the same. I’d be lying if I did not admit how upset brothers were with your response to Todd. Which why I think Brother Christian responded to you. It was one thing to disagree, but you did not have to attack Todd. Yes my e-mail you is probably not much better, but you angered me and I felt the need to let it be know. Before you get upset with my e-mail I asked you to ask yourself have I not done anything but spit the truth, besides you open the door by sending me that e-mail.

Finally, Todd’s e-mail was a much needed attempt to open up our eyes and help get Sigma back to how is was in 1914, it’s just too sad you did not share this vision with him and the rest of your region.


Bro. Ficks

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