University of Phi Beta Sigma

Interment of Col. Young at Arlington Cemetery

Presentation of Past Ex-Director’s Pin

Interactive Parliamentary Procedure Workshop Part 1

Colonel Young Memorial

Virginia State Meeting


Parliamentary Procedure

Privileged Motions

Subsidiary Motions: Amend, Lay On Table

Subsidiary Motions: Limit or Extend Debate

Credentials and Rules

Wesley Carter Interview

Thomas Washington Interview

7 thoughts on “University of Phi Beta Sigma

  1. I, personally, don’t see a problem with it, as it’s a very standard and simple order of business found in any parliamentary procedure book in existence.

  2. What happen to the blog that was on here about the 4th Founder Myth…Elias Tuggle. That was some good info, I wanted to present it to a friend of mine that’s a kappa.

  3. When the Phi Beta Sigma History Book is completed I believe that it should have some kind of blurb or brief profile and explanation of what each charter member and each brother on the first line did after completing Howard Univ if it is in any way possible.

  4. With even more due respect, the workshops on Parliamentary Procedure are common to all organized societies in this country. For some odd reason after 1990, young Brothers were told that everything in Sigma is a secret which is a complete lie. GOMAB which is both made up history and offensive to the principles of Sigma is secret. The Sigma Light which I personally revised in the 1980s is now secret. I fear for where the organization is pledged is headed with all of the present ignorance.

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