History Contest Answers

thank you to everyone who participated in the history contest. winners will be announced on founder’s day. in the meantime, here are the answers to the history contest questions. how did you do?

1. Please name the Sigma brothers who were presidents and governors and their respective countries.
Bro. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Former 1st President of Nigeria
Bro. William Tubman, Former President of Liberia
Bro. William Tolbert, Former President of Liberia
Bro. Kwame Nkrumah, Former President of Ghana
Bro. Sir Winston Scott, Former Governor and General of the West Indies
Bro. Dr. Melvin Herbert Evans, Former Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands

2. Which Sigma Brother was recognized as the first Black Certified Public Accountant to practice and which cities did he practice accounting?
Bro. W.D. Allimono; Chicago, IL & Nashville, TN

3. What is the name of the Sigma Brother who co-founded Techno music and which chapter and school did he initiate at and name his (3) most famous songs?
Bro. Kevin Saunderson
Zeta Epsilon, Eastern Michigan University
Good Life, Big Fun, & Do you love what you feel

4. Name (6) men who are not Sigma men, but are frequently mistaken as being members of our fraternity.
Karl Malone, basketball (I was told by several brothers that he is not a Sigma!)
Morgan Freeman, actor
Malik Yoba, actor*
Joe Sample, musician
Carol Gordon, actor (”Roc” series)
Maurice and Verdine White, Earth, Wind and Fire
Larry Blackmon, Cameo
Rick James, Funk R & B artist (there is a Sigma named Rick James who won Star Search some years ago)
Morris Chestnut, actor*
Nelson Mandela, South African President*
The Marsalis brothers (their father is a Sigma)*
Scottie Pippen, NBA
Quincy Jones, musician*
Hill Harper, actor
Montel Williams, T.V. talk show host (his father is a Sigma)*
Roy Ayers, musician
Ralph Sampson, NBA

This list is not exclusive and points will be awarded to any (6) names listed.
* The following men were voted and approved by the brotherhood at a Conclave for honorary membership into Phi Beta Sigma, but an induction ceremony was never held.

5. Which two Sigma brothers performed in two different productions of “Porgy and Bess?”
Bro. Clarence Muse and Bro. Lawrence Winters

6. Name the members of the Temptations that are members of Phi Beta Sigma.
Bros. Richard Street, Louis Price, Glenn Leonard, Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin

7. What is the name of the chapter located in Lagos, Nigeria and Honolulu, Hawaii?
Eta Gamma Chapter in Lagos, Nigeria and Zeta Pi Sigma Chapter in Honolulu, Hawaii

8. Name the (6) brothers and the colleges they attended who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers when they won the Detroit Super Bowl XL in 2006.
#34 RB Verron Haynes from Zeta Nu chapter, Georgia
#16 QB Charlie Batch from Zeta Epsilon, Eastern Michigan
#26 CB Deshea Townsend from Theta Delta, Alabama
#86 WR Hines Ward from Zeta Nu, Georgia
#55 LB Joey Porter from Nu Xi, Colorado State
#27 CB Willie Williams from Pi Mu, Western Carolina

9. What is the name of the law school named after a Sigma and where was it located and which brother was the president?
Judge Bro. Robert H. Terrell
Terrell Law School, Washington DC
President Bro. L. M. Hershaw

10. What is the name of the honorary fraternity that Most Honorable Bro. Leonard F. Morse was a member?
Pi Gamma Mu

11. Which brother succeeded Booker T. Washington as President of Tuskegee Institute?
Bro. Robert Russa Moton

12. Which brother is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame and played for the St. Louis Cardinals and was one of the greatest base stealers of all-time and name his undergraduate chapter.
Bro. Lou Brock
Rho Chapter, Southern University

13. What is the name of the brother who was the only Black journalist at the Roosevelt-Churchhill meeting at the Casablanca Conference during War World II?
Bro. Ollie Stewart

14. Which brother was a Brigadier General during World War II and which state and regiment was he enlisted?
Brigadier General Bro. William L. Warfield
8th Regiment

15. Which brother founded the Chi Lambda Kappa honorary dental fraternity and where did he attend dental school?
Bro. Judson Emanuel Best
He attended Howard University Dental School

16. Who is regarded as Sigma’s first National Executive Secretary? Where was his office?
Hon. Bro. Lynwood Brown
2009 North Ave Richmond, VA

17. What City was originally proposed as the host city for the 1920 Conclave? What were the original host chapters?
Richmond, VA
Lambda and Iota Sigma chapters

18. What was, arguably, Phi Beta Sigma’s first program? What chapter originated it?
Clean Speech Week
Mu chapter

19. What single-letter chapter consisted (or consists?) solely of college graduates? Where is it located?
Kappa chapter at Meharry College consisted of medical students.

20. What was the name of Hon. Bro. A.W. Mitchell’s retirement estate and where is it located?
Land of 1000 Roses
Petersberg, VA

21. What is the incorporation number for Phi Beta Sigma?

22. The Fraternity Hymn was originally sung to what tune?
Auld Lang Syne

23. Who was the 1st member of the DSC?
Bro. Jesse W. Lewis

24. What cemetery is Founder A. Langston Taylor buried in?
Lincoln Memorial Cemetary. Suitland, MD

25. What Brother initiated the formation of Beta Chapter, Wiley College?
Bro. Herbert L. Stevens

26. Where was the original Tau Chapter?
Simmons University. Louisville, KY

27. Where was the original Chi Chapter?
Roger Williams University. Nashville, TN

28. Where was the original Theta Chapter?
George R. Smith College, Sedalia, MO

29. Who is regarded as the Fraternity’s first national Historian?
Bro. William Sherman Savage

30. How many “rays of light” were on the original Fraternity Shield?

31. Which Sigma brother was the Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court?
Judge Bro. Charles E. Freeman

32. What is the name of the chapter of Bro. Huey P. Newton’s undergraduate school?
Beta Tau Chapter

33. Who was the first undergraduate brother to serve as National President and when did he serve and which college was he attending at the time?
Bro. Walter M. Clarke
Morris Brown College

34. Which chapter was the first established at a racially mixed school, what is the name of the school, who founded the chapter, and what year?
Delta Chapter
Kansas State University
Most Honorable Founder Charles I. Brown

35. Which brother created a new melody (music, not song) for “Our Causes Speeds On Its Way” and which year did this take place?
Bro. William H. Foster in 1927

36. Which early man of Phi Beta Sigma taught at Garnet High School in Charleston, WV? Among his many students were: the internationally revered Dr. Leon Sullivan, Tony Brown of Tony Brown Journal TV and current Dean of Communications at Hampton University, and renowned Heart Transplant Specialist Dr. John Norman.
Bro. Joseph A. Franklin

37. Which early man of Phi Beta Sigma died of an asthma attack in 1943 while on his way to work?
Bro. Samuel P. Massie

38. Which early brother of Sigma was known for his argyle socks and driving Packards?
Bro. I.L. Scruggs

39. When this charter member entered a building, he would always run up the steps, he said it was good for the heart. Name this brother?
Bro. I.L. Scruggs

40. How many of Founder Morse’s descendants are frat? Name them.
Bro. Leonard F. Morse, Jr.
Bro. Decatur Morse
Bro. Ward Morse
Bro. Charles Morse

Tiebreaker Questions – The following questions will only be scored in the event of a tie:

a. What did the 25th Anniversary Conclave give to Founder Taylor for his service to the fraternity?
Sterling Silver Candle Holders with the inscription Happy Silver Anniversary Bro. Taylor.

b. What did the Alpha Sigma Chapter Brothers of the 1940’s call Founder Taylor and why?
“Prof” short for Professor, because he always had books, files or papers with him.