Treasure Our Elders

Alpha Spr 05 w/ Bro. Hall

This picture was one that brings brotherhood full circle. Plus I took it with a camera phone. Bro. Francis Hall (Alpha 1935) asked me to bring the new Alpha Chapter line (Spr. 2005 – 70 year lifeline) to see him. Well the young brothers honored his request. This picture was taken in April 2005. Bro. Hall had a great time with the brothers. One of the last thing he asked me to do was to bring them back to see him, and they did.

Epsilon Psi w/ Bro. Hall in 2005

The last time, we visited him I was with the Epsilon Psi Chapter from the University of Maryland (December 18, 2005). Bro. Hall joined the Omega Chapter, January 20, 2006. A TRUE SIGMA LIGHT IN EVERY RESPECT.

Today in Sigma History – September 5, 2008 – Bro. Hall with Alpha and Epsilon Psi Chapters 2005