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Bro. Dr. Georg Iggers

Brothers we have lost a GIANT……May his soul and spirit REST IN PEACE.

I just spoke with Mrs. Iggers and will call her later this afternoon to get his funeral arrangements. I talked to him a few weeks ago. Mrs. Iggers said to me this morning, Georg loved Sigma….I can tell all of you HE SURE DID…..


Bro. Christian

Bro. Iggers, Bro. Gerald Smith, and Bro. Leonard Lockhart – 2005 NE State Meeting, Hartford, CT
(I remember it like it was yesterday).

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Intra Council of Chapter Secretaries (1946)

68 years ago in Sigma. For those who know me, you know that Dr. I.L. Scruggs is one of my most regarded in Sigma. Look at what the great Francis Hall was trying to do in 1946 and his letter to Dr. Scruggs and the response. But to have an original of Dr. Scruggs’ stationary and to know that trailblazers like Francis Hall were all about unifying chapters through their chapter secretaries, just shows you the caliber of brothers back then.

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Wiley College (1939)

I just got a 1939 Wiley College (Beta Chapter) yearbook. It is so brittle and falling apart, but here are the 1939 Phi Beta Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta Pictures from that yearbook.

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Why We All Need to Stay the Course

I hope you are all having a good day today. I tell you, our Ancestors watch over me everyday. Just when I say, this is some **, I am reminded constantly, of whose shoulders we stand on and the greatness that is Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

Last night, I had the opportunity to speak to the Hon. Bro. Robert Booker, DSC #141, out of Knoxville, TN. In 2002, Bro. Booker published the book Eighty-Three Years of History in the Southeastern Region. We had a great conversation, him kicking me historical facts, telling me stories about Conclaves before my time (Bro. Booker was made at Knoxville College in 1958) and stories about legends in Sigma like the Hon. William E. Doar and Hon. Von Mizell, and his days in researching our history.

He has a few of his 2002 history books left if you are interested, but not many, so if you get one or have one, it maybe a collectors item. If you want a book, you can contact Hon. Bro. Booker directly. It is best to call him after 9pm EST.

This just reaffirms that we need to embrace our seasoned Brothers, make sure that they get to frat meetings and fraternity events, and learn from them, and all that they are willing to teach us.

God Bless Hon. Bro. Robert Booker

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Happy Birthday to Founder A. Langston Taylor

Here is a picture of Founder Taylor’s gravesite before the headstone was in place.   This was circa 1956/1957.

Brothers from L to R – As best as I can….brother in Brown Trench unidentified, Bro. Benjamin Early (1914 initiate), Hon. Bro. Jesse Lewis (1st member of the DSC), Bro. Francis L. Hall (Co-Author of the Sigma Light), Col. Bro. Robert L. Pollard (Alpha Chapter 1919), Hon. Bro.  Mordecai “Mutt” Walker (DSC #42) – holding the wreath, Bro. James Squires (named the Squires Club after him), the other three brothers I cannot identify.

Bro. Hon. Mordecia “Mutt” Walker

In addition, its an announcement from the Washington Afro, June 1st, 1957, announcing Leonard F. Morse, Jr.’s initiation into Alpha Sigma Chapter.

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