A Wise Dad Instructs All Son’s

Today’s post comes to us from Bro. Andre’ L McGuire:

In Words of Wisdom for My Son By Brother Author George Stewart II we find that there is a solution. In a world where men are being marginalized or made out to be monsters of various ilk’s. Many do not believe that a solution exists. Those that believe there is a solution believe that the solution is purely about empowering women. The problem with that line of thinking is that the women are not the problem. The problem has been how society has determined that a man should be. A man is to be a go getter lacking feelings or only allowed to display emotions such as anger or other negative emotions.

The solution is in those men of color who having lived this life with its pitfalls bringing to light the myths of manhood in such a way as to build up and not tear down. It is such a blessing to see that men of color are recognizing the need to instruct our young men on how to be a man. The instruction is not of the worldly misguided notions. This instruction is based upon the ideals of Godly manhood. That is a man who is loving and emotion filled who is responsible for his family. This man is willing to cherish, protect and provide for while empowering the women in his life.

I tire of hearing people talk of all of the negative aspects of manhood without putting forth any solution. In Words of Wisdom for My Son Brother Author George Stewart II has offered a solution. This is a must purchase for any man mentoring young men or young man looking to see how he ought to conduct himself as a man.

If we expect to change the way a society views women we must train our sons to understand Gods role for them. It is in know who we are in God that we will learn how to treat with love all of Gods creations.

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