The Crescent – Fall 1938

Happy Centennial – A Very Rare Gift – Honoring Uncle G (Zeta Alpha Spring 1939)

It is here! The Centennial Celebration. At first, I wasn’t looking forward to it. But over the last 72 hours, the phone calls, invites, offers to stay at my house, just brought it all full circle, and I shed a tear today for all of our beloved brothers who did not get to see this moment, here on Earth. They are looking down on us praying for our safety, and brotherhood as our fraternity celebrates our 100th.

Remembering my beloved Uncle G (Brother George W. Nelson), who joined our fraternity, April 8, 1939, Zeta Alpha Chapter, Tennessee State University. I miss Uncle G, but I know he guides me everyday. His knowledge, his wisdom, his ability to relate to all people (and as he got older, he was great in talking with and to young frat).

One day, he called me over, and said have dinner with me, Uncle G could grub, and he sat me down and told me about his process. In those days, you pledged an entire school year. One of the first things his chapter gave him to read was the Fall 1938 Crescent. I wonder how many chapters do that today (don’t get me on my soapbox). Anyway, he pulls out this 1938 Crescent, and said I carried this when I pledged and for many a year, keep Sigma Strong. I remember it like it was yesterday.

This is the oldest original Crescent that I have.

From the collection of Uncle G – Bro. George W. Nelson

Happy Centennial Celebration Phi Beta Sigma. Keep Sigma Strong

Peace, KC

ps. I am not apologizing for the large file today. This is for Uncle G. God Bless.

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