Honoring Our Beloved Founder

The Honorable Bro. A. Langston Taylor | Founder, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
January 29, 1890 – August 8, 1953

Brothers, yesterday, I paid homage to the great Bro. Francis Hall. Today, I am honoring our Founder who passed away 61 years ago today.

However, I have to thank, Bro. Hall, who I told you, kept almost everything. In his collection were the following items:

  • An In Memoriam to Founder Taylor flyer
  • An Invitation to the Taylor College of Public Health – Interesting in 1950 our Founders states that health is one of the weak links in our chain of social and economic development. 64 years later, I can say the same thing.
  • A flyer for the Taylor Art Museum – I wonder if the T.L. Alston mentioned in the Exhibits was our Charter Member?
  • Advertisement for the Taylor University
  • Minutes from the Alpha Sigma Executive Committee Meeting, held August 10TH to induct Founder Taylor into the Omega Chatper – Bro. Hall’s handwriting.
  • Lastly, hand written notes of Bro. Hall’s that lays out the planning of Founder Taylor’s funeral.
  • Put this in your collection and have a good weekend.

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