1940 Conclave

1940 Conclave | Tuskegee University, Alabama

Bros – I hope all is well.

You have to thank Uncle G (Bro. George Nelson) for this one. His prized possession was this 1940 Conclave Picture. While he was never guarded with his Sigma Items, he was very particular about this one. I finally convinced him to let me have a copy made from his original. The original had been in the same frame since 1940. This picture was actually taken on his 22nd birthday (December 30th), and this was his first Conclave. He would talk for days about this Conclave, because he had the opportunity to meet Bro. Dr. George Washington Carver. And Bro. RA Billings came out of the Southern Region as the President. Uncle G had stories.

There is a picture of Uncle G with Dr. Carver, but I do not have it, but in the 1983 Crescent, the picture appears. He would have you crying when telling the story. The picture was supposed to be for Sigma men with 20 plus years in the fraternity. Uncle G runs and grabs the Sigma Banner and holds it in front of Dr. Carver, and said, “no way he was leaving that picture, so there Uncle G is, with one year in the frat, holding the banner with Dr. Carver!”

Right before he passed (3/2/2010), I went down to Tennessee to visit him and he had his 1940 picture professionally redone for me. When I get to his nursing home, he says to me (hazing at 91 years old), which one do you want, the original or the one I have made for you? Let me see how good you are. What do you think I answered with?

Have a good weekend and add this one to your collection. Not many of these around.

ps. Someone find that banner for me. Uncle G said he didn’t have it, it belonged to the Bros at Tuskegee!

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